Whistleblower Actions

The federal government and some state governments provide financial incentives and protections to whistleblowers who report wrongdoing to regulatory agencies and aid in the prosecution of fraud. AF&T assists whistleblowers as they report claims and helps them to obtain the financial rewards and job protection they deserve.

Statutes that encourage whistleblowers to report wrongdoing include:

• The False Claims Act, which provides a financial incentive to anyone who reports a fraud victimizing the government.

• The Dodd-Frank Act, which provides a financial incentive to anyone with independent knowledge of violations of securities and commodities laws.

• The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which provides protections for whistleblowers who expose accounting fraud at public companies.

• The Securities Exchange Act, which may provide a financial reward to individuals who provide information about insider trading.

If you would like to speak confidentially to one of our attorneys to report wrongdoing, or to get more information about protections and potential rewards for whistleblowers who expose fraud, please contact us.