Public Pension Funds

AF&T’s Institutional Investor Services Group aims to advance the rights of our public pension fund clients’ in order to maximize the value of their investment portfolios.

AF&T Portfolio Monitoring Program is performed in-house by a dedicated team of attorneys, analysts, and experts—not by an outside vendor. Through our program, we alert our public pension fund clients to shareholder claims and pending litigation that could impact their investment portfolios. We provide a strategic analysis of their legal rights at an early stage to afford our clients the opportunity to pursue all available options, including the assertion of individual claims. We continue to monitor any pending class action litigation relevant to their portfolios through final resolution and during the course of such litigation provide assessments and recommendations as necessary to assist them in best protecting their rights and increasing the value of their recoveries. AF&T also offers Class Action, Settlement Claims Filing Services to its public pension fund clients. Through these services, AF&T identifies class action settlements in which our clients are eligible to participate, manages the claim filing process to insure that all claim forms and related documents are properly and timely submitted on behalf of our clients, and seeks to maximize the recoveries they receive from class action settlements.

AF&T recognizes that public pension funds have limited time and resources to dedicate to shareholder litigation. Our innovative response is to assist our clients with developing shareholder litigation strategies, policies, and protocols and to provide them with tailored legal services that allow staff and board members to appropriately manage their fiduciary responsibilities most efficiently with minimum burdens.

We advise our public pension fund clients to directly pursue only those individual claims that represent opportunities for substantial economic recovery, preserve or enforce an important right or claim and/or may help insure the overall integrity of the securities markets and could impact the value of other securities in their investment portfolios. Our analysis is always fair and objective, and if a client decide to pursue an individual legal action, we are prepared to represent them on a contingency fee basis.