Private Institutional Investors

As AF&T clients, private pension funds benefit from access to AF&T’s Institutional Investor Services. Our Portfolio Monitoring Service is performed in-house by a dedicated team of attorneys, analysts, and experts—not by an outside vendor. We alert our clients to every legal action that may have an impact on their investment portfolio. This allows us to evaluate your options strategically at the earliest stages of any potential litigation. We continue to monitor litigation through final resolution and will provide any recommendations necessary to protect your rights.

AF&T recognizes that institutional investors have limited time and resources to dedicate to securities litigation. Our innovative response is to assist our clients in developing securities fraud litigation strategies, policies and protocols that allow board members to assess all claims efficiently.

We advise our clients to pursue only those lawsuits that represent opportunities for substantial economic recovery or that would preserve or enforce an important right or claim. Our analysis is always fair and objective, and if a client decides to pursue legal action, we act on a contingency fee basis.