Ari Gabinet, Former General Counsel for Oppenheimer Funds and Legal Expert at Brown University

Ari Gabinet is a lecturer in international and public affairs at Brown University. He has spent more than 30 years in the securities law field as a trial lawyer as well as most recently general counsel of Oppenheimer Funds a $250 billion mutual fund- his expertise in the field of securities litigation is unparalleled. Ari also plays the guitar and surfs- he is interesting and fun and a wealth of information!

Show notes

  • 02:38 – Breaking the notion to large mutual fund institutions when it comes to class action lawsuits


  • 06:27 – Ari’s previous role at SEC and how he got the job despite having no background on SEC practices


  • 16:45 – The need to be sensitive towards your clients in the investment management field


  • 22:00 – Ari’s transition from being a general counsel of a $250 billion fund to a lecturer in international and public affairs at Brown University


  • 26:49 – The importance of having team members that complement your strengths


  • 31:00 – Ari shares a glimpse of her relationship with her wife, Christina


  • 35:42 – Ari’s hobby of playing Jazz Guitar



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