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Abraham, & Fruchter, Twersky, LLP

Securities Fraud

AF&T is a leader in the civil prosecution of securities fraud, and our Institutional Investor Services team has particular expertise in representing public pension funds and other institutional investors who have been damaged due to violations of federal and state securities laws.

Securities fraud cases typically involve the misrepresentation of, or failure to disclose material facts that serve to artificially inflate the price of a security. Investors who buy the artificially inflated security are then damaged when the truth of the fraud is made public and the security falls in price.

Our expert litigators have actively participated in the recovery of billions of dollars on behalf of damaged investors. We represent pension funds, private institutions and individual investors in actions that expose securities fraud and recover losses due to fraud. Additionally, our Institutional Investor Services’ attorneys and analysts proactively monitor the portfolios of our public and private institutional investors to seek out fraud and alert our clients to help protect their interests and maximize the value of their investment portfolios. This service is provided to our institutional clients at no cost or obligation.

AF&T advises our clients to pursue litigation only when it is in their best interests to do so, for example, when their participation as a lead plaintiff in a class action would likely affect the outcome of the case. In all cases, we represent our clients on a contingent fee basis, meaning that AF&T advances all costs of the litigation and we only seek reimbursement or fees in the event of, and from, a successful recovery.