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Abraham, & Fruchter, Twersky, LLP

Practice Areas

Abraham, Fruchter & Twersky, LLP is a leading shareholder litigation firm, representing investors in class actions and individual direct actions involving securities law violations, corporate fraud, insider trading, corporate governance and other matters. We have particular expertise in representing pension funds and other institutional investors. Our experienced attorneys have actively participated in the recovery of billions of dollars on behalf of harmed investors, leading AF&T to be ranked as one of the top 20 law firms in terms of total recoveries by Securities Class Action Services (2009).

We pride ourselves on the individual attention and care that we give in representing each of our clients. In evaluating potential claims and recommending legal action, our single, overriding concern is that each client only pursues claims that represent credible opportunities for their own substantial economic recovery. Our attention to detail, combined with our expert knowledge of the law, allows us to see what others miss in advocating for our clients.