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International Investors

Securities class actions brought in the United States are not limited to U.S. investors. The Supreme Court of the United States, the highest judicial body in the U.S., has recently affirmed that any investor may participate in a securities class action regardless of their nationality or location, so long as that investor purchased the security at issue on a U.S. exchange. In addition, in those cases where an international investor purchased shares of a U.S.-based company on a non-U.S. exchange, that investor may have viable claims for recovery under applicable state laws, regardless of the nationality or location of the investor.

Until recently, international investors have generally refrained from participating in securities fraud class actions brought in the United States, either because they were unaware of their legal right to participate, or were simply unaware that an action was pending. Today, however, international investors are playing an increasing role in securities fraud litigation in the United States, with several having been appointed to serve as the representative plaintiff in prominent, high-profile actions.

AF&T has expended substantial resources to help educate international investors about U.S. shareholder litigation, and has extensive experience providing the services necessary for international investors to maximize the recovery of the millions of dollars lost as a result of corporate fraud. By enrolling in AF&T’s Portfolio Monitoring Program, international investors can ensure that they are made aware of every shareholder action in which they have a valid claim for recovery, and that they will be provided a thorough Case Evaluation and recommended course of action to maximize their recovery.

AF&T offers a full range of services to international investors, including its Portfolio Monitoring Program and Case Evaluation services, at no cost and without any obligation to utilize or retain the firm for any matter. In addition, AF&T helps international investors implement procedures to ensure the timely filing of all proof of claim forms, which are necessary to participate and recoup money in any class action settlement.

In the event that an institutional investor decides to pursue legal action, AF&T would propose to represent that client on a full contingency fee basis pursuant to which the client would not be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs or attorneys’ fees unless the action is successfully resolved, the fee award is approved by the presiding court and payable from the funds recovered or by the defendants in the action.

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