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Corporate Governance

AF&T and its experienced attorneys are dedicated to the pursuit of corporate governance reforms through shareholder litigation. Whether through securities fraud actions, shareholder derivative actions or the prevention of unfair corporate transactions, AF&T and its clients have sought and achieved many substantial and important improvements to corporate policies and procedures.

By improving the corporate structure, policies and protocols in place at a company, investors ensure that there is a transparent system of checks and balances that places the interests of shareholders above the individual interests of the officers and directors running the company on the shareholders’ behalf. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen corporate governance to ensure that wrongful conduct will not recur and to improve the long-term investment value to shareholders. Indeed, several studies have shown that strong corporate governance directly correlates to profitability and better long-term returns for shareholders.

In the event that an institutional investor decides to pursue legal action, AF&T would propose to represent that client on a full contingency fee basis pursuant to which the client would not be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs or attorneys’ fees unless the action is successfully resolved, the fee award is approved by the presiding court and payable from the funds recovered or by the defendants in the action.

For more information please contact our Director of Institutional Investor Services, Atara Hirsch, at info@aftlaw.com or +1-212-279-5050 or 1-800-440-8986. We also have several multi-lingual attorneys available to discuss your individual needs.