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Institutional Investors

AF&T offers specialized Institutional Investor Services to public and private funds world-wide, for the sole purpose of advancing our clients’ rights as shareholders and in order to maximize the value of their investment portfolios. The cornerstone of these select services is AF&T’s cost-free Portfolio Monitoring Program, which is customized to the needs of each client to best protect their individual interests.

By actively monitoring all pending shareholder litigation, as well as financial reports and news that may ultimately lead to shareholder litigation, AF&T helps its institutional investor clients fulfill their affirmative fiduciary duties to recoup losses resulting from corporate misconduct and securities fraud, with minimal time and resources required from our clients and their employees.

We make our clients aware of every legal action that may potentially impact their investment portfolio, or give rise to a claim for recovery, and evaluate their options at the earliest stages of the litigation. This allows our clients to learn about, and consider their shareholder rights with sufficient time to participate in any action in a meaningful way, or to proactively minimize investment losses by pursuing legal opportunities. In all cases, we continue to monitor litigation impacting our clients through a final resolution, and will provide additional recommendations when necessary to protect our clients’ rights.

AF&T devotes a substantial amount of resources to its Institutional Investor Services. Indeed, all of AF&T’s Institutional Investor Services, including the firm’s Portfolio Monitoring Program, are performed in-house by a team of dedicated attorneys, analysts and experts, rather than by outside vendors. This allows AF&T to carefully examine our clients’ transactions and determine which claims, and what course of action, will result in the best recovery for them. We believe that this process allows us to “see what others miss,” which is our guiding promise to our clients, and what sets us apart from other firms.

For more information please contact our Director of Institutional Investor Services, Atara Hirsch, at info@aftlaw.com or +1-212-279-5050 or 1-800-440-8986. We also have several multi-lingual attorneys available to discuss your individual needs.